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The best Stoic quotes on life, death, and happiness.

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Learn About Stoic Philosophy was created to provide a simple, comprehensive resource for individuals looking to learn more about:

Stoic philosophy

You’ll learn about the Stoic views on virtue, the purpose of action, and what a good man’s life looks like.

Stoic quotations

And, of course, you’ll learn all about Stoicism through famous stoic quotes that can help guide you through life and life’s challenges.

Stoic philosophers

You’ll discover the top names in Stoic thinking, what their contributions were, and what their biographies are.

Stoic history

You’ll learn the history of stoic ideas and philosophers so you can see how the worldview morphed and molded over time.
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What is Stoicism?

Stoicism is a philosophy based on self-control, virtue, and focusing your life on what you can control, rather than worrying about things beyond your power.

Stoic philosophy was first developed around two thousand years ago by Greek and Roman philosophers. Zeno of Citium was the first Stoic philosopher who founded the school of thought in Athens in the early 3rd century BC.

The philosophy continued to gain popularity with many other profound philosophers, including Epictetus, Seneca the Younger, and even Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius offering famous Stoic quotes to generations of students.

The easiest way to learn about Stoic philosophy is to simply browse the pages on this website, enjoy the Stoic quotes, and learn from the wisdom of the great Stoic minds.

Make sure to check back often. We constantly update the website and are perpetually releasing new topics with powerful Stoic quotes. In the past we've covered quotes about life, death, control, anger, anxiety, and many other topics.

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This website provides the best stoic quotations on the topics of life, death, control, anxiety, and wisdom in general.

Memento Mori.
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